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The higher the semester, the more difficult the challenge for the students, this is the reason why one of the lecturers of French Language and Literature Study Program, Lusia Neti Harwati, M.Ed. designed a workshop program for her classes that is “Bahasa Prancis Mahir 2”.

In the workshop programmed by Neti, there were 54 students involved, which were the students of 6th semester from the different classes of “Bahasa Prancis Mahir 2” classes. They were merged into one class after the mid semester and the learning format was changed into workshop. This workshop is called Peer Couching, where the students could learn from other students who had higher ability.

From 54 students, Neti chose 18 students to be the couches. “For instance there is one student who has a good leadership and the other one is quiet but very good in academic, they will be paired to become couch for one team,” said Neti. In one team there were two couches that had four students as their members of the group. The jobs of the couches were to help the group’s members to understand the task and the text given by the lecturer so that they could do the assignment well.

This workshop program would be held four times and one of them has been held on April 17, 2018 in the Auditorium of Building A of FCS-UB. In each workshop, there would be different themes discussed but all of them were designed to improve the ability of the students in French Language, which includes listening, speaking, writing and reading.

In the workshop held on Tuesday (17/4/2018), the theme was “Teenagers’ Addiction to Gadget.” In the first 30 minutes, Neti tried to stimulate the students to think critically by brainstorming, discussing about the theme, the discussion was in French. After that, the students were given pictures, caricatures, and they had to explain the meaning of the pictures in French. These were done to train their speaking skills and train their courage to speak in front of others.

The next session after the brainstorming was reading skill training. The text for this session was already given to the students before the workshop so that they could learn about the text beforehand. After that, the students’ skill was also trained by the questions to the students whish had to be answered into argumentative paragraph. By these methods, the students were expected to be able to extend their skill in French and learn to think critically about a problem or an event that happens around them.

The output of the workshop would be used as their final examination. The examination would use panel system, where the students had to answer the questions asked by the lecturers. This was done to introduce the students to the system of thesis examination which would be taken later on.

The workshop done by the sixth semester students is to help the students to improve their language skill on French Language so that they will be ready to follow DELF and graduated in B3 level in French Language proficiency. Furthermore, the workshop is expected to help the students to face thesis writing on the next semester. (Via/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)